Missional groups (small groups)

Missional Groups are small groups where life connections happen and outreach based on relationships take place.

Keywords for Missional groups: Go and Grow 

We believe that when we Go and make disciples of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus, we grow. We grow both in disciple making, and we grow deeper in our faith.

We encourage all members of our church to be part of one missional group. We all go through life’s struggles and blessings…no matter where we are in the spectrum, we are never meant to walk alone.

Currently active Missional Groups

  1. Young adult missional group: Every Friday (7:30-9 pm). Leaders: Sandra Lee and Adarsh Rai
  2. Nepali missional groupts: 1st and 3rd week of Fridays (7:30-9pm). Leaders: Amrita Rai and Pastor Ebson Simick
  3. Island missional group (reopening soon). Leaders: Nury Vittachi and Samuel Hui
  4. Mens missional group: Every other Tuesdays (3-5pm)

Come, join one of our missional group where you can connect, grow, mature and learn to serve God and one another in Christ!