“If you extend your soul to the hungry
 And satisfy the afflicted soul,
 Then your light shall dawn in the darkness,
 And your darkness shall be as the noonday.” (Isaiah 58:10 (NKJV))


Jesus is a sacrificial giver whom prescribed no guidelines in giving except out of compassion and His divine Grace. Though Hope for All is a young baby church plant, it aspires to extend our soul to  the  hungry and satisfy the many afflicted souls that are in our midst.


The Covid pandemic has brought prolonged devastation to our already financial stricken families. One area of immediate relief is the provision of food where it can be compassionately undertaken along  with a powerful deed to feed the soul with the life transforming gospel.

Currently, we have been serving food and food coupons to around 25 families two times a month.

Process and Accountability

Request for support can be made by leaders of Missional Groups, Ministry Leaders and Pastors. The request should be lodged by submitting the request form (contact office). This request then needs to be vetted by the Pastors and countersigned by a member of the council. After the food collection, follow up should be made by Hope For All Church members and para-church organizations. In the case of coupons – redeemed coupons will be collected from the 2 vendors for accounting reconciliations. As this is a pilot project, such method will  be revised for its effectiveness.

If you want to be part of food bank by serving or giving, please contact Pastor Tryfina tryfina@hopeforall.hk or Pastor Ebson ebson@hopeforall.hk